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No Gunbelt Set has Ever been Done to Commemorate Sam Houston. The Following is Part of What is Written in The Letter of Authorization /Authenticity that is shipped with each set; written and signed by Mike McKamy, a 3rd great-grandson of Sam Houston:

"After exhaustive research on the part of Mr. ARDOLINO and, from my being privy to family archives for most of my life, THE AUTHORIZED SAM HOUSTON GUNBELT SET is what we believe the type of rig my ancestor, SAM HOUSTON, would have had hand-fitted to be worn with one of his .44 Colt’s Dragoon Revolvers during the period from 1848 through the late 1850’s: a crossdraw-canted, heavy leather holster, belt and ball pouch. The large Lone Stars—one tooled into the wide period-style belt tip and the other one on the holster—signify TEXAS during its revolution and after: totally independent. The Raven struck into the ball pouch signifies SAM HOUSTON’s Cherokee nickname, and his initials “S H “ struck into the holster, are what JERRY and I believe what my ancestor—always the rough, dapper gent of distinction—would have done.

THE AUTHORIZED SAM HOUSTON GUNBELT SET is an authentic and superior piece of Firearms Leather Gear; hand-fitted to the Colt .44 Dragoon. The set is expertly-made of Fine, Thick, Top-Grain, Hand-Selected Cowhide that any AMERICAN Patriot or especially any TEXAN should be proud to own and display; either as a commemorative or—wear it with your gun and use it with vigor as JERRY and I believe the Great SAM HOUSTON would .

I am thankful to JERRY ARDOLINO, a true TEXAN, a colorful character and legendary figure in the American Firearms Industry for creating this fine leather gun rig. Not only because it perpetuates further, the memory of my ancestor, SAM HOUSTON, but also acts as a tangible article to honor TEXAS pride and Independence, which was finalized by General SAM HOUSTON and the TEXAS Army at the Battle of San Jacinto on April 21, 1836."

Hand-Rubbed with Native Oils and Proprietary Dyes to Achieve our Exclusive, ”Rich Maple™” Antique Color with the Slightly Buffed Look of Fine Cavalry Leather One Sees in Museums.

Retail Price: $395.00
Reserve with only 195.00 Deposit

When Your Set is Complete, You Will be billed the remaining 200.00 plus 20.00 SHIPPING & Ins. (Texas Residents will be billed 8.25% sales tax for full amount at that time. We are bench-crafting these fine rigs presently. Please Note: Some of these Limited Edition, Authorized Sam Houston Gunbelt Sets have already been Reserved for some Texas Statesmen and Private Collectors. Act Now to Reserve Yours!
Call (361) 389-4566

*Mr. McKamy is an elderly gentleman from a prominent and old Dallas family. We ask that his privacy be respected.
We also Sell .44 Caliber Firing Dragoons. Specifically: COLT's Silver Signature Series 1st Model Dragoon (as shown in the Holster Above). Prices from 900.00 to 1700.00 from NM or New in Box.
We sell the Finest Replica, Non-Firing, COLT DRAGOON to Display Handsomely with Your Authorized Sam Houston Gunbelt Set. Price: 110.00